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is helping professionals visualize the quality of their data to make decisions with confidence.

What We Do

This novel tool combines both data and uncertainty in a unique and intuitive visual to convey the spatial quality of data (2D and 3D), thus communicating spatial data distribution in a holistic way and allowing decisions to be made with substantially greater confidence.

How It Works?

How do we communicate high vs. low confidence in areas of a spatial map?

VGM utilizes varying grid cells to visually communicate the quality of your data, highlighting opportunities vs. knowledge gaps.

Why Varigrid?

The First Visual Tool To Communicate The Data And Its Uncertainty In One Combined Visual.
Information on the quality of your data is underestimated across geospatial visualization tools. As the use of big data and data analytics continues to play an increasing role across virtually all industries, it is crucial that uncertainties are appropriately quantified and represented in final products used to support those decisions. This serves to reduce risks and improve the value of the information presented.
Enhance your platform workflows by
Scientists | Engineers
The VGM offers the ability to display data and its uncertainty in a harmonized, efficient, and intuitive visual that will significantly ease your communication with decision makers and facilitate an objective approach to risk reduction and mitigation.

For those involved in the procurement of data, the VGM further enables the optimization of data acquisition by providing a simple tool to validate investment in data through an objective approach to achievement of reduction in uncertainty.
Data Collectors
The VGM offers a quality assessment tool for spatial data and provides validation of the data on hand. Understanding the quality of your data is the first step to knowing its true value. These insights will point to knowledge gaps resulting in better product offerings, and allocation of resources.

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